Directory Sign

As we all know, directory sign can be found all around our us, anywhere or everywhere we go there directional sign exist with different designs, languages and so forth. So below I'm going to show some few example of directional design that I captured while I was in Hong Kong. 

List of Restaurants, Shops and Services 
that are available in Hong Kong airport

The floor direction of the restaurant and shopping centre in Hong Kong airport

The directory sign in Quarry Bay park in Hong Kong

Below is the directory sign that I captured in Jusco Cheras Selatan. All this signs have the same information of floor level. It is pasted on the column of the Jusco building and it is everywhere because Jusco has many entrance and helps people to know which floor they are at and where they can go. For me the design is quite simple and some of the sign could be improved.

The floor information in Jusco Cheras Selatan. The differences of colors shows us which shop is which. Such as the dark pink color represent the Jusco Mall, and the purple color represent the accessories tenant

 It is the same as the above picture except, they place the floor map in a different position. This was found at the other part of Jusco Cheras Selatan wall

One and only type of directory that could be found in Jusco Cheras Selatan.

Directory sign that leads people to places they want to go, such as the cinema, washroom, elevator, telephone and handicap toilet. For me the design can be improved a to make it look more interesting.

Directory sign to parking and also the autopay station. This should be improvise especially the wire that they hand the board. They should put a bit more decoration and make it look more durable.

Directory sign to the lower ground


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