What is typography?

Basically typography is an art, where an arranging of words or letters happens. The arrangement of letters or types are being done by selecting typeface, the sizes of each font, the spaces and few more. Also the type is being design or modify. Usually it is being done by illustration technique by the art directors, graphic designers and typographers. 

Based on Steph "Typography is much more than just graphic design or illustration with some text thrown in. It’s an art form in itself that combines carefully chosen and arranged fonts with visual elements, sometimes as a relatively straightforward communication device and sometimes as artistic expression. These 15 examples of typography artwork embody a broad variety of techniques and styles, but they’re all brilliant."

Below are few types of typography :

"Art director, co-founder of creative studio Lifelounge and typographic illustrator Luke Lucas creates artwork that combines text with often-provocative images, as in this typographic title treatment for an article in Lifelouge Magazine about swingers in America’s bible belt."

The shape of the bottle is used to symbolize the letter "F" By Ivan Saavedra from Munich
Another example of Ivan typography work
Its really creative and amazing how a person can make a letter out of the shape of a chair or a shape of anything that exists. It gives me the encouragement of trying to do things like this in my study.

Reference link: http://www.typographyserved.com/ & http://weburbanist.com/2009/05/10/the-art-of-words-15-creative-typography-artworks/


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