Fashion TV -Why Free Fashion TV Online Is Set To Grow


Fashion video and TV will become huge online in the coming years. Here you will find out why fashion TV and video online is set for huge growth online in the coming years

So, why are websites providing fashion TV and videos online for free?

Quite simply it appeals to everyone.

Both men and women have an interest and it helps websites sell by capturing a captive audience.

Today, fashion is a huge business and we are all more conscious of our appearance than ever before.

We live in the age of the celebrity, of looking good and youthful.

Fashion TV provides escapism, fun.

For the viewer on one side and on the other side advertisers know that everyone wants to watch it, so advertising revenue is big, so it makes sense to provide it free.

1. Women

We all know woman love fashion. They can keep up with the latest trends and tips. No surprises here.

2. Men

Men love fashion TV if it's just to look at some stunning models!

Today, men are becoming just as image conscious as women and the huge gay community is the most image conscious group and they have money.

Getting a captive audience

Advertisers know that fashion sells a look and a lifestyle we all aspire to.

Fashion TV set to music is a great way to keep people on their websites.

It's easy on the eye, with beautiful people and a lifestyle most people aspire to.

Add in some music and its fun escapist entertainment.

Expect to see a huge increase in fashion and lifestyle TV and video streamed live on the internet as advertisers exploit its popularity.

Which of course is good news for viewers as well.

Fashionable Snow Boots Offer Strong Resistance to the Excruciating Chill


Never have we found modern people lose interest on shopping. Of course, this especially makes sense on females. Being considered to be loyal spectators and executors for various fashion trends, they always hunt for something pretty or unique to make them admirable. In today' s era, nobody can deny it' s imperative to maintain aware about how you look anytime. Various benefits come after a stylish appearance. If you usually look forward to be noticed or respected in a public occasion, it' s a must to firstly arm your look from top to toe.

While seeking for items to decorate your figure and complexion, you will find much feasibility. As modern people show stronger appetites for novelty, designers do become busy with exploring their minds. On the market, fashion trends are updated in a much faster pace. Honestly speaking, this is good news if you can be conscious enough about which fashion style you should embrace. Here, you are just reminded of paying close attention to your footwear. Certainly, to be an admirable hit in the crowd, what you wear on feet also becomes a crucial aspect.

To please most people' s expectations for elegance, some designers do show deep interest in accentuating their rich fashion tastes by twinkling colors and extravagant embellishments. However, when so many people can afford high-end brand shoes, they do send out signals of expecting some groundbreaking ideas to please their classy aesthetic appreciation. The experienced team for snow boots definitely becomes gurus who do well in breaking away from previous design laws. They cast off excessively luxurious styles and impress people all over the world by fashionable & dolce looks.

Nowadays, it' s a must to acknowledge the international popularity of sheepskin boots. The national trend in Australia has been introduced to people in different ages. Also, it' s nothing new to find a distinguished celebrity with a pair of snow boots. These shoes are special hits in the fashion footwear arena, pleasing different fashion appetites by looking and feeling great. Believe it or not, you will show us a trendy appearance however you match your sheepskin boots. Without overdoing anything even though a classy taste is oozed out from both tangible and intangible elements on these chic shoes, you will be esteemed in any occasion.

As a person who loves to keep the appearance in fashion, there is no reason for you to keep unknown about the comfort on genuine snow boots. Over two centuries ago, Aussie people had discovered the excellent warmth on merino wool. Due to the high-end processing technique mastered by today' s manufacturers, sheepskin boots found on the present market do offer you incomparable resistance to the excruciating coldness. To say goodbye to the lazy mood and walk out for enjoying the winter, you will find snow boots are useful items.

Finding and Wearing Fashion Jewelry


Fashion jewelry is a joy to wear. Women have been creating, buying and wearing fashion ornaments as soon as they are old enough to understand fashion. Not like the more expensive fine jewelry, fashion jewelry can be made in countless forms and from various materials such as paper and beads made of plastic, normal glass, metal, stone. There are also people who can create jewelry from garbage. Fashion jewelry can make you easily choose your fashion identity.

These days, wearing fashion jewelry is common whereas before, people feel inferior if they wear fashion or costume jewelry instead of the fine ones. Women are more practical now, realizing that they can make their fashion statements with pieces that look elegant, attractive, and do not cost much money. Following are some tips in finding and wearing fashion jewelry made of out of any material that you can think of.

1. Go vintage shopping. Here you can find attractive designs that you cannot find in fine jewelry. You can be sure that these pieces are durable because they have lasted this long, and the beauty of vintage shopping for fashion jewelry is you get it without overshooting your budget.

2. Have fun with your costume jewelry. The good news is that fashion ornaments do not have to last forever. When a new trend comes along, you can change it. You can experiment with styles, colors and different bead materials. You can effectively add color to your little black dress or a basic white shirt. Use stylish ornaments to express your personality in your place or work or in dressing up a casual outfit.

3. Try out the latest trends and styles. Many of the trendy pieces of fashion jewelry cannot even be found in fine jewelry. It is because the cost will be made prohibitive by the size and color. You can get a fashion-forward look and you do not have to spend a lot of money. Bead jewelry do not easily get out of style, but even then, you can wear your costume jewelry several more times before changing it. And you will not feel guilty doing this because they do not cost as much as the fine jewelry.

4. Wear your elegantly designed ornaments proudly. You must know that it is more advantageous than the fine pieces that you own. There always come a time when you want to look different but you do not want to spend money for it. Costume jewelry can give you this opportunity to sport a new look. For a small amount of money, you can get more stylish jewelry to give more options with your wardrobe.

5. Find fashion jewelry that look high-end. For example, look for a bracelet the clasp of which looks expensive. Pay real attention to the details of each piece, including the type of beads used. Glass beads and plastic flower beads are good jewelry materials.

6. Even if you are on a tight budget, you can create your own style by using fashion jewelry. You can even realize the practicality of wearing fashion jewelry daily than the more expensive ones

The Celebrity Fashion Phenomenon


Who is your favorite movie star or television star? Have you ever wondered what their personal life was like? If you have, you're definitely not alone. It seems millions of us are interested in knowing the latest news or gossip about today's most popular stars. In addition to who is dating who, a lot of attention is also placed on celebrity fashions. Many people, particularly teenagers, wish that they could dress and look like one of their favorite celebrities. While this feeling is quite common, it also leaves many others questioning why.

When it comes to explaining the celebrity fashion phenomenon it is difficult to come up with a single answer as to why it is so popular. Different individuals like to look and dress like celebrities for different reasons. In essence though, there is a sense of idealism about celebrities, that they are living a life the rest of us could only dream of. Celebrities are like our alter-ego; we wish we could be just as beautiful and popular and it seems if we have what they have, we are closer to achieving our dream.

There is a downside to being so popular and well-known though. Many celebrities cannot leave their homes without being recognised or followed by paparazzi everywhere they go. This seems to be the price of fame. However, there are many "everyday" individuals who wish that they had their own fan following or were as popular as their favourite star. Although dressing a certain way or carrying a certain handbag isn't necessarily guaranteed to make you more popular, some people, both men and women, will go to great lengths to be seen in the latest celebrity fashion trends.

In recent years, celebrities have become very well-known for their fashion choices. Indeed some celebrities seem to be famous for not much more than that! Award shows have become all about the fashion and every star who walks the red carpet is asked "Who are you wearing?" It is considered a major coup to have your designs worn by today's hottest star. And amazingly, cheap copies of the gowns worn at these shows are available to buy within 24 hours of the show being aired.

Finding celebrity gossip and information is becoming easier and easier. You can flip on the television and watch the latest celebrity news program or glance at the cover of a gossip magazine. But by far the biggest source of celebrity news and gossip is the internet and there are thousands of sites dedicated to exactly that purpose.

Although some might view the celebrity fashion phenomenon as an unhealthy obsession, there is actually really nothing wrong with keeping up with the latest in celebrity fashions. What you need to remember though is that just because it looks good on a celebrity, it doesn't necessarily mean that the same thing will look good on you. While as a teenager you can get away with wearing practically anything, if you are in your 20s, 30s and beyond and still blindly following the latest fashion trend regardless of whether it suits your body shape, you might want to reconsider your fashion habits.

Also, do you really want to be seen wearing something that is instantly recognisable as being a certain brand and that a lot of other people will also be wearing? Having 'style' is about far more than just your clothes and it is important to dress in a way that truly suits not only your body but also your lifestyle and career.

Price is another issue. Many celebrities have unlimited financial resources so the cost of clothing and fashion accessories isn't an issue for them, but it may for you. Of course you can dress like a celebrity if you want to, but you need to remember that celebrity fashions change regularly. There is point going broke trying to afford the "hottest" trend that may only last for a few weeks.

In short, while the celebrity fashion phenomenon won't be over anytime soon, you should approach with caution. Fame and fortune don't necessarily equal good taste, so always choose clothes and accessories that are flattering for your body and appropriate for your lifestyle.

Why So Much Emphasis Is Placed On Celebrity Fashion


Everyone has their own favorite television and movie stars that they keep up with on a regular basis. I know when I was a kid growing up Arnold Schwarzenegger was like an idol to me and I would often wonder what he was doing at the same time I was and I would often wonder would it would be like to be him. It seems like everyone is interested in knowing what the latest news is on certain celebrities, such as who they are dating and what are the latest fashions they are wearing. One need only look at the media hype surrounding Paris Hilton anytime she is involved in anything to know what I mean. Some people have to know everything that is going on with her, others could care less.

Celebrities and fashion designers are cashing in on this phenomenon by collaborating to design clothing lines endorsed by the celebrity. There are many people who like to dress like their favorite celebrity, girls in particular. How many girls did you see dressing like Britney Spears at her peak?

Most celebrities can't even get out of their driveway without being surrounded by fans and paparazzi. This makes it difficult to have a normal life, indeed many wish they could trade their celebrity for a normal life while many regular everyday people think that they would rather have the life of a star being showered with attention. It is this type of person that usually thinks that dressing like their favorite star will help them get attention.

Famous people in most cases realize the influence they have on many things including fashion and are taking steps to take advantage of it. Most top stars are well known for their fashion choices and the award shows are a big showcase for the latest in style and fashion in the world. You don't have to look far to find a celeb being interviewed and told how trendy and fashionable they are. Since the average individual isn't normally complimented in this way they tend to think that if they adopt the style of the star they love they will be complimented as well.

Some think that being so obsessed with the fashion choices of the stars is not healthy and that it may indicate some kind of condition such as low self esteem. While this may be the cases some of the time I don't think it is for the majority of people. I think that most people want to be admired and complimented. Like anything of course it can be carried too far. The rich and famous have virtually unlimited resources to buy whatever they want, the average person does not. If one is so obsessed with fashion that they do themselves financial harm to stay in the latest styles this is not healthy.

Fashion News - What Is Trending In 2013?


Fashion changes with seasons, which is a great thing because every season has its special requirements with regard to clothing. Considering the highly sophisticated fashion sensibilities of style conscious people, designers come out with collections that are perfectly apt for the season in terms of cuts, patterns, prints and fabrics. So, what is the hottest fashion news in 2013? The first quarter of the year brought out some fabulous fashion statements. Here they are.

Wrap blouses

Wrap blouses are definitely one of the most popular fashion clothing styles today, especially in the spring summer collections. Almost every fashion house showcased its range of wrap blouses in shows all over the world. From plain wraps to piped ones, you get them in all colors, styles and prints.


Color trends have been dominated by flatter, brighter and bolder colors. Leading the pack is emerald green. Other popular colors include poppy red, honey orange, lemon yellow, light grey jade, Monaco blue, African violets, pale pink, soft green and dusk blue. For people who like bolder and brighter colors, fashion houses have come out with darker tones of these colors. So, you have fuchsia, sunshine yellow, royal blue deep purple, bright orange and clear sky blue.

Demure dressing

Dresses are no longer larger than life. They are demure and subtle, but sophisticated enough to make a strong fashion statement. Lighter tones are used for these dresses and they gel perfectly with the spring theme.

Fashionable Bermudas

It is summer and without question, Bermudas are back with a bang. Pair them with stylish tank tops or cropped tops for that utterly stylish look. A lot of bright colors are being used for Bermudas this season.

Checks and stripes

Fashionistas these days do not seem to mind walking around looking like chessboards. While small checkered prints are considered to be an evergreen trend, large chessboard kind of black and white prints are in trend these days. So, if you have the stomach for it, go ahead and give it a shot. If you want something more subtle yet trendy, choose large checkered footwear, handbags, jewelry and other accessories.


Ruffles in contrasting colors are being appreciated lately. You have ruffled skirts, sleeves and blouses. However, the most popular among the ruffled range are asymmetric skirts.

Cropped tops

Cropped tops are great if you have a well toned abdomen. They are being teamed up with all sorts of lower body clothes including jeans, trousers, skirts and shorts. You can choose halter necks, spaghettis or t-shirts in cropped patterns. They all look utterly stylish.

Bold floral

Bold floral prints have made a big comeback this season. Bright large flowers printed on pastel colored or white tops are stylish and very refreshing. They also match summer and spring themes.

White for the feet

In the footwear range, white has come out to be the dominant color. If you flip through the fashion magazines, you can see celebs flaunting their gladiator shoes, pumps, peep toes and every other kind of footwear in white.

Get trendy and convert yourself into a fashionista.

The Fashionable and Well Groomed Modern Man


The modern man has a lot on his plate. The pressure to be good at everything can seem daunting and overwhelming. As if having a good job and raising well adjusted children wasn't tough enough, they then add emotionally stable, good listener and sensitive. Well time to add one more iron to the fire guys, the modern man needs to also be fashionable and well groomed. Gone are the days where a guy need only look to his fellow man for fashion protocol. I will try and help identify just a handful of common mistakes we as men make in an attempt to prevent you from being the butt of jokes.

Grooming Issues

Outdated hair style- A common mistake guys make is keeping a hair style long past when it was "cool". So you have a great new cut that you think looks wonderful on you, that may be true, but that was back in 1985. Time to try something new.
Not sure where to start? Go to a salon (not one of those drive through hair cutting places that charge $12.95). Set an appointment and ask them for their advice. Let them work their magic. They are experts and will take into consideration your needs and wants when determining a style suited best for you.

Comb over/ Toupee's- The sad reality is that some of us will indeed go bald. The absolute worse thing you can do is to try and hide it. The only person you are fooling is yourself. Good news!! Bald is in. So retire the rug and go short. You may want to add some subtle facial hair in order to add depth and interest to your face. Updating your eye wear will also be a great addition to your new look. Choose frames that suit your face and coloring. Stay away from frameless rims for this will not do anything as far as style and image goes.

Facial Hair- Keep it trimmed and neat. No one wants to kiss someone only to get a mouthful of whiskers. Invest in a good quality facial hair grooming tool. This will allow you to always fresh and kept.

Ear and Nose Hair- Just because you can't see it when you look in the mirror, doesn't mean it isn't a problem. Invest in a good pair of trimmers and use them weekly.

Cologne- As with any style that comes, it also goes. Scent is no different. Yes, Drakar does smell good. However, if you are still wearing it you need to run to the nearest department store and get some help. Remember that 3 to 4 sprays are sufficient, don't bathe in it or you may run the risk of be offensive. To much of a good thing can be just as off putting as bad body odor.

Teeth and Breath- You may not have perfect teeth. However, keep the ones you have clean. Everyone can name someone they know who has incredibly bad breath. Don't be that person. Brush, floss and use gum or mints if you aren't sure.

Hands and Feet- Take the time to trim your nails and cuticles. If you wear open toed anything, this is even more important. 9 out of 10 men list feet as important on the female attraction scale. It is no different for women. Take the time to manage your own feet and nails, trust me...women notice.

Common fashion Mistakes

Socks with Sandals- Do I really need to explain this?

White tube socks with shorts and sneakers- I don't care if you pull them up or push them down. Go with ankle or athletic socks. The less they are visible the better. This simple change will make your legs and calves look better and give you the allusion of being taller. The wait staff at Hooters gets a pass on this one. Always wear socks that are appropriate and match your outfit. If you think people won't see them or notice your socks, you would be wrong.

Shoes and Belts- These two items should always match. If your shoes are shinny, your belt should be shiny. Black with black and brown with brown.

Gold Chains with Pendants- Unless your name is Vinnie, you hail from the north east and drive an I-Roc Z, this is not a good look. If you fit the above description...your awesome and disregard this advice.

Spandex Anything- Lance Armstrong can pull it off, you however shouldn't try.

Pleated Pants- News flash, pleats are out and the flat front is in. Pleats tend to make you look larger and shorter than you are. The flat front pant is a sleek and stylish way to freshen up your look and at the same time give you the allusion of being leaner and taller than you are.

Jeans with tapered legs- Jeans should fit over the top of your shoes or boots. If they don't hang but rather bunch at the top of your shoes, it is time to retire them. Acid and stone washed were cool for a minute, but now they aren't so don't even think about it.

Jean Shorts- I'm not sure how they became popular, however they shouldn't have. They don't look good on anyone.

Hawaiian Shirts- If you are on a cruise or work at Bahama Breeze they are acceptable. If you don't fit either of those categories you look like a nerd.

Ties with Funny designs- Unless it is "funny tie Friday", no one thinks it is a good look other than you.

Short Sleeve Dress Shirts with Ties- I know it is summer and you get hot. Turn up the A.C. and deal with it. This looks ridiculous.

Shoes- Keep them clean, polished and remember it is impossible to "dress up" sneaker.
Shoes are one of those items where you get what you pay for. Spend the money on your shoes.

Remember that judgments are made about you in the first 10-seconds upon meeting someone. If you are not sure what you are communicating or how you are being received...we can help! alpha m. Image Consulting was launched back in 2006 by founder Aaron Marino. Aaron realized that there was a lack of resources and options for men to receive real world help and advice regarding their image, style and grooming. Our goal is to help the modern man look and feel the best that he can...every day of his life.

Entertainment News Online - Find All Your Celebrity News Online


Stars get mad at the paparazzi for taking pictures of them all the time, but why did they become stars if they didn't want the attention? There is nothing more entertaining than entertainment news...unless of course it's entertainment news online!

If you have the guilty pleasure of following the lives of beautiful and hunky stars, you are not alone! Most people love watching entertainment news and wonder where we can get more of it when we want it, no matter where we are. Entertainment news online is the best way to stay connected to the day by day lives to stars. Not only will you get the good stuff, but you can get the dirty stuff and the bad stuff and the mug-shots you want to see. It's so much fun and there's a never-ending supply of dirt on these people. You can keep track of who's gaining weight, who's losing weight and how they are doing it, up to date divorce reports and new marriages. You can see who made out with a random guy this weekend at the clubs and who got so drunk they had to be carried out of the bar.

If you work at an office job, you know how important this news is to get you through your day. Entertainment news online can be accessed from any computer and most of the time you don't need to sign up for anything unless you want free email alerts sent to you. If you are a story person, you'll have access to tones of articles about stars. If you prefer pictures, there are tons of galleries that you can browse through to pass your time and star-watch. They even have videos of all your favorite stars that can be viewed as many times as you want. You can search for key words like fashion trends or fashion disasters.

Most importantly, staying current will ensure that you have something to talk about around the water cooler in the morning. People love a person who can dish the recent dirt on stars. Entertainment news online is interesting and something that everyone will be able to identify with. You have access to up to the minute news on stars and the pictures change daily, so it's never boring. If you have a favorite star that you like to follow, you are sure to find news about them to share with your friends. If you are a movie buff, there is up to date information on when sequels are coming out, as well as who's being cast into big roles in the near future. Whatever you want to know, you will be able to find it!

Wellies Are Still Fashionable, Ladies


Most women out there will be pleased to hear this news. It seems recently that rainy weather has become a permanent fixture in the UK with the elements of all the seasons being replaced with endless drizzle.

This doesn't have to be a bad thing though!

Keeping cosy and warm can mean venturing into new grounds when it comes to fashionable footwear and wellies are not only practical but can be fun fashion statements too. Gone are the days when wellies were seen as only passable for country people to work in and children to splash about in - the Wellington boot is now just as important as high heels in the world of fashion.

A New Fashion Icon

Fashion favourites such as Kate Moss, Lilly Allen and Girls Aloud have all been seen sporting a variety of stylish wellies at recent festivals in colours ranging from vibrant pink to traditional green. Whether they're teamed with tiny hot pants, skinny jeans or even billowing skirts, wellies remain a practical and sexy choice for the fashion conscious festival goer.

Designers have also endorsed the rising popularity of wellies as a fashion must-have and top labels such as Paul Smith, Cath Kidston and Pucci are adding their unique and iconic patterns to the traditional Wellington. Even Hunter, the company that launched the original green Wellington way back in 1955, have updated their range to appeal to the new, fashion conscious welly wearers. Their traditional green and black shades of Wellingtons favoured by farmers, gardeners and horse enthusiasts now sell alongside funky shades of fuchsia, iris and bright red.

Choosing the Right Wellies

With winter fast approaching and the weather being as unreliable as ever, having a pair of wellies on standby is just as vital for staying dry and stylish as an umbrella and coat. But how should ladies wear these rubber boots without looking like they're trying to reinvent their childhood wardrobe? The good news is wellies go with pretty much anything. Thanks to their huge popularity, wellies are now available in most colours and a whole range of patterns which means there is a pair out there to match every outfit. Fitted, slender wellies will look much sexier and stylish than huge, baggy boots so opt for the more shaped fit. When wearing a pair for the first time it's best to layer a couple of pairs of socks underneath to avoid any rubbing.

How to Wear Wellies

For a casual look for a lunch date or shopping trip in wet weather, team a bright pair of wellies with black skinny jeans and a pretty top to create a practical but stylish day time look. A pair of wellies in a retro pattern will look stunning with a classic fitted coat for walking to the office or for a smart (but wet) occasion.

Dress down a chic look by adding a pair of wellies to give an outfit edge. Lilly Allen teamed her pink wellies with a pink prom dress and Sophie Ellis Bexter dressed down a prim and proper cardigan and dress with a pair of blue and pink wellies at this year's V Festival. In colder weather, teaming a cute sweater dress and tights with a pair of patterned wellies is a great way to keep warm, dry and looking great.

Wellies have been around for over 150 years and their popularity continues to grow. Thanks to the good old British weather it's safe to say they'll be around for a least another 150 more. Now though, wellies are well and truly in fashion ladies!

Latest Fashion Trends Online - What's New


What's new today? Latest fall fashion always run towards stylish sweaters and scarves. This year we are seeing tunics and leggings. We will load the layers on our necks and arms at home or in the office which is Latest trends. So what's new for fall fashion look and how do we look stylish yet business-like when needed? We should know what are Latest trends. The good news is the racks are piled high and there's plenty to make you look great in Fall.So, what's the most basic of all? Jeans, of course!

Cuts and colors change finely every season and it's worth it to invest in Latest fashion trends at one pair that's trendy this fall. Skinny jeans are still going strong but with a twist this time. Pairing peg-leg denims with closed toed is Latest fashion trends. Speaking of military-inspired it's one of the most important fall fashion trends. Anoraks, vests, crisp shirts and canvas skirts in classic khaki, drab olive and beige all look fabulous when worn with a kick of color. Keep the look girly with bangles or a statement necklace. Military tailored shirts also look great in limpid silks and cottons. Scarves are made from many different materials including silk, cotton, cashmere and more. The scarf can be used to create an edgy and hip look or even a tradition or business look which is Latest trends. It all depends on how you wear it. The edgy look is created with a looser fitting neck scarf that's held together through a loop.

Always keep it loose and it should appear as if you didn't put too much effort into throwing it on. This can really create a cool and fun look. Aim to look professional. Ask yourself How will my customer or boss feel if I show up wearing this? Is it according to Latest fashion trends? If you think they may feel uncomfortable, why risk your career success? Dress the way you like on your own time. At the office dresses for the corporate environment. The leather is huge range of leather types jackets have been living in the collection of many colors all skin types meet. In fact you will find various attractive colors, you may never have thought of. Where the standard black and brown color common leather-jackets, these colors will attract in the fall fashion trends because they are not out of date. Colors and fabrics are textured and dark. Black and gray are popular choices with a bit of midnight blue and dark greens. You might even want to add dark purple to the mix. These all tips will help you out in Latest fashion trends.

Know How to Become a Fashion Designer


Are you dying to find out how to become a fashion designer? Want to become the next Giorgio Armani or Coco Channel? Well, you'd better get started now, and you'd better know people - the chances that you'll reach the levels of success that those famous names did are slim to none. The good news is that if you have talent and are willing to work hard, you can have a fashion career that gives you a comfortable and fulfilling life, even if you don't become a household name.

The first step to becoming a fashion designer is to assess your abilities. You must be able to sketch and sew, and you must have an eye for colors, patterns, designs and details. You'll also need an inner drive and a strong will to succeed even when things look bleak and people are critical of your work, because the competition is fierce in this industry. If you still think you have what it takes, the next step is to get at least a two-year degree in fashion design, if not a bachelor's degree. Business courses will be very helpful in addition to the designing and design-software courses because they will teach you how to market yourself and get ahead. Internships are also very helpful for you to gain experience.

Make sure to keep all your sketches and take photographs of your completed work to put together a portfolio. Once you're done with school, training programs and/or internships, then you can begin showing the world how creative you are by applying for jobs with fashion houses, and you can begin marketing your own creations to local shops with your portfolio in hand. If you completed an internship, you may also be able to get hired on as an employee when your internship is completed. If anything, use your internship as a place to make connections-this is what you need more than anything to get ahead as a fashion designer.

The median expected salary for fashion designers is just under $50,000, but if you are one of the lucky ones you can make millions. It is important to be realistic, however, because there are only so many Versaces in the world.

Hot Hot Hot UK Fashion Trends


The Latest Fashion Trends

The latest cool trends in fashion to hits London high street fashion shops are taking shoppers by storm. London high street shops and boutiques are showcasing the new fashion styles that everyone will want to be seen in. Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge, London has dedicated the entire fourth floor to the hottest fashion labels around. Trendsetting designers featured on Harvey Nichols' fourth floor fashion haven include London designers like Peter Pilotto and Meadham Kirchhoff.

Current hot looks featuring designers such as Peter Pilotto are being dubbed as the label to watch in 2010. International cool fashion label on display at Harvey Nichols include Brian Reyes and Cacharel, under the talented creations of ex-Lanvin designer Cédric Charlier. Graphic prints at Holly Fulton have made an impression on the UK fashion trends scene.

Chic, cool and stylish Rochas, Stella McCartney and Celine went with the eighties look for the latest trend fashion styles in 2010. Like spring fashion trends in 2010, winter cool fashion trends for 2010 are about making a brazen and bold statement. The traditional stilettos was suddenly passed over for the hot new and more trendy kitten heels. Low heels are the latest trend so give your high heels a miss in exchange for ladylike kitten heels and slingbacks for winter.

Winter Fashion Trends

In 2010, the eighties bodysuit made yet another comeback. The return of this sassy eighties look also saw the return of endless group-exercise activities. Biker shorts and bumbags were the big news for the nineties revival look in the spring. Donna Karan brought back the eighties bodysuit is a stunning fashion trendsetting way to mark 25 years in fashion. Festival chic style makes dressing up and staying cool a cinch for the London fashionistas this year.

Not to be out done by the ladies apparel, fifties-style knickers were revived by Dolce & Gabbana. All over London, fashion celebrated a reissuing of classic designs from the glamourous fashion days gone by. Sweet trends including delicious Liquorice Allsorts Designers took their inspiration from Bassett's sweets.

Wearing gloves this winter is sexier than ever if you go elbow length. Speaking of length, taking your midi line just below the knees is the hot new trends for dress wear. When in doubt, go with lots and lots of buttons as they are back with a vengeance.

For those really in the fashion know, Net-a-porter celebrates 10 years in business. The iPhone phenomenon brought fashion to your finger tips with hot fashion apps. Making shopping on your hand held devise just a matter of pressing a few clicks. The handy fashion apps also means that you can get the latest in fashion trend news via daily tweets.

Fashion Autumn/Winter 2006 - Bad News for the Petite Woman?


If, like me, you are petite, (that's 5'4" tall or less for the uninitiated), you will know that dressing fashionably can be extra difficult. Designers tend to create clothes that look fabulous on a 5'10" stick-thin model, which means they often don't suit normal shaped women. The clothes can look even worse if you are truly petite.

The bad news is that this season designers have presented us with a number looks that don't do us any favours. The first look to avoid is a 1980's retro look that was big on the catwalks for this season. The big baggy sweater over tight leggings or skinny jeans look will simply swamp anyone with a small frame. Trust me this look needs big shoulders to carry off successfully; I should know I wore it first time round and it didn't work then!

The next look that the petite woman should give a wide berth to is this season's hot silhouette, known as the 'cocoon' or the 'egg', which may be a coat or tulip shaped dress or skirt. From the shoulders or waist the garment balloons out then is pulled back in at the bottom. Again the smaller woman will be swamped by this type of style. Without long legs to balance the proportions you will simply look like an egg.

You may want to wrap up warm as the weather gets colder, but you should also think hard before buying into this season's chunky knits and voluminous parkas. Cosy they may be, but you may find you simply disappear under all those thick layers.

The catwalks were also awash with large checks, a design guaranteed to overpower anyone not blessed with supermodel proportions.

Is there any good news? Yes, a little. There were some slimmer fitting, more elegant trends on show. There was an abundance of smart tailored suits, neat blouses, shift dresses and pencils skirts which are all more flattering for a petite woman. If you can show your legs there were plenty of mini dresses and skirts, and waists were cinched-in with belts of all widths to give a much neater silhouette.

Trapped in a Fashion Rut? Here's the Secret to Getting Out!


You want to get out of your fashion rut and feel good about how you look, but every time you go shopping you leave discouraged or overwhelmed. The reason has as much to do with your mind as it does with your body and by incorporating two very important changes to your shopping experience, you can find new success every time you shop.

Think about it. You have been in a fashion rut for years (or maybe it just feels that way!). Nothing you buy ever feels right any more. You've resorted to reading fashion magazines with titles like "99 Little Ways to Your Best Body" or "200 Secrets to Looking Great Now" with less than flattering results, and you even allowed your two best friends to take you shopping. Yes, they helped you choose new clothes, so why don't you feel any better? Even after that intervention, you are still in a rut (you can't remember what you are supposed to do with that long flowy plaid vest anyway?). You feel like an imposter every time you look in the mirror where a poor imitation of your friend stares back at you. You're $500 lighter and no closer to finding a wardrobe that makes you happy. A cloud of hopelessness is descending so now what, you wonder!

The key here is that you don't feel confident choosing clothes that you feel good wearing because you don't love your body and you think nothing looks good on you. You feel like your body parts are shifting nearly daily or you've gained weight (or both) and somehow clothes just don't fit the way they used to. You hyper focus on the parts of your body you don't like and when you do go shopping all you see are things that don't look good. You walk into a store and walk out again empty handed or you take those two well-meaning friends with you and walk out with clothes, but you don't really feel any better when you get dressed than you did before you went shopping. Fashion magazines aren't helping -- they are all written for svelte twenty year olds who could be your daughters -- and you don't know where to turn. All you can think is that nothing works and that you're doomed to look frumpy and boring for the rest of your life.

You're left wondering that if magazines and makeover TV shows (where all the style gurus are handing down valuable fashion advice) and even your stylish friends can't help, what hope is there for you? Wow... with that kind of attitude I can see where shopping would not be fun and it certainly wouldn't be productive.

I promise, however, there is plenty of hope. First of all, when you look out into the real world, do you see women (be they female friends, family or strangers you've seen at the mall, work or grocery store) whose image you admire -- women who look like they are well put together whether it's for work or leisure? Of course you do. Get a picture in your mind's eye of two or three of them and ask yourself this one important question: Are they all built like a super model? No, of course they are not and this is good news! Chances are good you are not shaped like a super model (I know I'm not!) and you just confirmed that you do not have to be super model tall, thin and very young to look great. You can look great no matter what size you wear, how tall you are or how young or old you are. These women prove it -- they are just like you with things they like and don't like about their bodies.

What these women do have that you don't is two things:

  1. Fashion guidelines to help you identify garments/outfits that have potential, and
  2. The belief that you CAN create a look you love.

These two things lead to increased self-confidence and the well put-together look you want for yourself.

Is this learnable? Yes.

Did they learn all of this in one day? No.

So, give yourself a break, use the information I'm about to share with you to move you step-by-step closer to having that put-together look you long for and the self-confidence will grow with each positive step.

So, where do you start?

Begin with your mindset. Otherwise, the fashion tools will be ineffective. Why? Because you get what you expect and if you expect not to find anything you love or you find something you love but they don't make it in your size or you approach the shopping experience as if you were going into a losing battle, guess what you'll get: nothing you like (everything will seem ugly, shapeless and too trendy) and things that don't fit. You will prove yourself right.

Even if this has been true in the past, you must find a glimmer of hope in your shopping experience because if your expectations are based on the past and the past wasn't good, then guess what you'll get now? That's right... more of the same.

Or, if your past shopping experiences were terrific, but now your body has changed (and not in a way that makes you happy) and you can no longer wear what you used to, but you wish you could and berate your body for not staying the way it was (you can see where this is going... ), then you will go in with frustrated energy and all you will see are things that were created for your former body. Your mindset is crucial to a successful shopping experience.

Okay, you say, but how do I do that when I can feel my anxiety rising when I simply think about shopping, never mind step into a store!

Create a positive affirmation and visualize success. You have to train your mind to approach the shopping experience from a different place. Here's a great one for starters: "More and more I find clothes I love and that look great on me." Notice I didn't say, "Everything looks good on me." Or "I look great in everything I try on." Even I (who knows what I am doing when it comes to shopping for clothes) do not look great in everything I try on and I won't even think about shopping when I'm crabby or don't think I'll find anything I like. My results will be the same as yours would be -- my mind will say, "You think you'll only find things you don't like or that don't fit you well or are too young or badly made? Great... let me go find those things for you so you won't be disappointed!" I've had this happen and I now know to laugh at myself and realize I went in with a bad attitude!

Create a positive affirmation that you can relate to. Then, don't just say the affirmation once and wait for fairy dust to sprinkle down on your head and the perfect new store to open next door (although, hey, wouldn't that be nice if it happened!). Say it over and over. Say it with as much joy and positive expectation as you can muster. Your mind/body believes what you tell it, so tell it something good and positive. Give your mind the assignment of finding things that will make you happy rather than prove you right that there's nothing out there that looks good on you.

Then, as you are heading out to shop, visualize yourself having a great experience finding things you love in your size and color. Picture yourself trying something on and feel amazing. (It's less about the specific item -- so you don't have to visualize exactly what that amazing piece is -- and more about the feeling attached to it.) If you start to get overwhelmed and some of that old history comes flooding back (which it will from time to time), take a deep breath and repeat the affirmation and visualization.

Getting your mindset heading in a positive uplifting direction first is critical. Once that is flowing we can add in a few fashion tools to get you started.

Most of us, myself included, need to have guidelines when we shop. Understanding how to create a look you love takes more than just walking into a store and grabbing something random off the rack hoping it will work because it looks good on the mannequin or you saw it in a magazine. It is important to make your selections with intention. Knowing what to look for helps you ignore the parts of the store that don't work for you and concentrate on the parts that do. Follow these rules for more success when you shop:

  • Search for colors that look great on you. If you don't have a personalized color palette here are some basic guidelines. Do not buy light gray, yellow, army green or beige unless you are absolutely sure it is your perfect color. When in doubt (which should be most of the time with those colors), choose one of these colors: emerald to forest green, deep periwinkle, medium to deep teal, or watermelon. These colors all look good on a lot of people.
  • Make sure it fits. While this is not the only criteria for choosing a garment, it is very important. For instance, be sure the fabric skims your body and doesn't cling too tightly or look too big and messy (lift your arms and if there is a lot of excess fabric there that creates buckling at the bustline, then the top is too big). And, if it doesn't fit consider whether it can be altered by a tailor. Yes, if you love the garment it is ALWAYS worth having it tailored. A word of caution: a current trend is for oversized, shapeless tops. I generally recommend avoiding these, but if you love them, try wearing one with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings.
  • Make sure you love it. There is no substitution for loving something you are wearing. Look for patterns that make you smile, textures that feel good and fabrics that feel nice on. Never buy something because you think you should (remember how that worked out when your friends took you shopping). You will never feel happy wearing it unless you are excited about it.

When you combine these tools with positive affirmations and visualizations, you are setting yourself up for success -- one step at a time.

Remember, keep these ideas in mind when you shop:

  • Look for color, good fit and things that make you smile when you look at them.
  • Don't go shopping until you have done your affirmations and visualizations. Don't just say them rotely -- they won't work. Say them with passion, desire, as much positive belief as you can muster and say them often!

You WILL make progress if you do this.

You have to start somewhere or you'll stay mired in doubt and frustration for the rest of your life -- never feeling good about how you look and envying the women who do. That is no way to live and, better yet, it's absolutely unnecessary. You CAN look great. I have just shared several steps you can take in your journey towards feeling like one of those women whose image you admire. Just take it one step at a time and celebrate each success no matter how small. You will get there!

Essential Tips to Keep Up With Fashion Trends


Fashion is all about renovating. Trends evolve in ways that often leave fashionistas wondering if they'll ever make it to the endless cycle of dressing to keep up with the times, and appropriately.

If you are a style enthusiast who wants to be updated with the latest, you do not want to be caught wearing accessories that were a hit in the 90s.

Are you one of the many average men and women who neither have access to the best finds nor work in the fashion industry (but hoping to)? Here are some ideas that may help you choose the best outfit and be in style, any season of the year:

Read, watch, familiarize.

It's essential that you know first-hand how to spot the trendiest. Simply looking at what the stores offer does help, but you obtain better information by reading fashion magazines, visiting blogs and watching television shows that focus on the up-to-the-minute news on what's chic and what's not. If you can, visit fashion shows and galleries showcasing the best the industry has to offer.

Go by the "Mix and match" rule of thumb.

If you are like most people, you want to get a bit creative and not simply be a "fashion slave". If a great designer top that has just been out catches your fancy, get it and match it with your basic pair of jeans. Match it with accessories that highlight your getup. When doing this, make sure you neither underdress nor go over the top. Dress your age too.

Got clothing that has gone "out of style"? Don't throw them away.

To reiterate, style evolves. You may notice that even couture pieces have striking resemblance to the former hot stuff in the fashion market. If you are clearing out your closet and getting rid of unwanted clothes to make room for up-to-date clothing, make sure you keep some. The popularity of skinny jeans, for example, periodically come and go. Your pair of basic jeans need not be thrown away, either.

Get inspiration from the pros.

You just can't help but notice how some people simply carry themselves with such sophistication or glamor. No matter how you want to simply be yourself, it helps to have people in the fashion industry to look up to. Models and celebrities are your best source for knowing what's hot and what's not. Look at what they are wearing and determine what may look good on you.

A well-dressed man or woman not only impresses others, but develop a sense of confidence in them. Look your best and be happy whenever you look in the mirror.

Men's Fashion Advice for Trends to Avoid at all Costs


Let's face facts here. When it comes to picking out the best clothes to wear, men are considered, and rightly so, to be less fashion-conscious of the two sexes. Now for the good news, that is starting to change with more fashion designers showing off all new designs and collections on their runways. It doesn't hurt that men are beginning to realize that looking good doesn't exactly hurt their chances with women or their careers either.

Unfortunately for some guys, fashion is something that happens to other people. Expecting a guy who less than marginable fashion sense to know why a Hawaiian shirt is the best thing to wear to a job interview or a high school reunion is likely to end in disappointment and probably a few more than embarrassing looks and stares.

So, for the benefit of bad dressing guys reading this, here are a few of the most basic of mistakes guys make when entering the frightening sphere of fashion.

  • Sandals with socks - Stay away from this fashion no-no at all costs. It is an all together fashion mess. No women will find you attractive. You'll begin to notice that your friends call you less and less and strangers won't even want to stand near you with this foot fashion faux paus. If your love for sandals is this strong then move somewhere warm that you can wear sandals year round.
  • Novelty Ties, shirts, or boxers - This is another fashion mess that men just don't seem to notice or maybe not care. Why would you sacrifice your dignity for the sake of making someone laugh from a "funny t-shirt"? It isn't worth it, in my opinion. I would much rather be known for being stylish and a good dresser than the guy who wears shirts with funny sayings on them. So with that, throw out all those clothes with smiley faces, hearts, reindeer, shamrocks, and animal prints and buy something nice.
  • Shiny shirts and suits - Come on...for real? Unless you are going to be a backup dancer in a musical then there should be no reason why you should even own a shiny shirt or suit much less wear one out in public. I can think of about a hundred different fashion choices you could go to the club in than a glittery, shiny and REALLY tacky shirt. What's wrong with a simple form fitting black t-shirt or black dress shirt? Pair it up with some nice jeans or trousers and you'll have no problem being noticed in a good way.
  • Ugly colors - You can look like Brad Pitt with the fashion sense of a George Clooney but if you're wearing some ugly colored clothes no one will care who you look like. That great looking new suit you bought for you Christmas party this year may have been expensive but if it makes you look like one of the staff or something from the 70's, then I'm sorry but you paid too much. The color of your clothes needs to compliment your best natural features like eye color, skin tone and body shape.
  • Overly loose fitting clothes - Clothes that are really loose or baggy make you look sloppy and like a bum. Unless you rap or own your own hip hop label, which you probably don't, then you need to stay away from this fashion mistake. Instead buy clothes that actually fit you. You've been working out so why not buy some clothes that show it off. Try experimenting mixing and matching certain cuts and styles until you comes across the perfect fit and look.

Popular Fashion Magazines


Most women today live in fashion. Hard as it is to admit most of the time, women want to be the center of attention. There is that natural desire in every woman to look good, feel good and live well. Popular fashion magazines are the ultimate source of the most modern fashion trends. They are a woman's best friend in terms of looking hip, stylish and trendy. If you would like to know the hottest in fashion and trends that will make you feel best about yourself, get yourself a fashion magazine.

You probably know many popular fashion magazine today, such as Cosmopolitan, Elle and Vogue. It's lustrous and beautifully designed pages illustrate images of beautifully clothed supermodels, and a few pages with ads on fashion accessories, beauty products and chic clothes. They also publish coverage on social events, interviews of designers, and advice on vacation and relaxation treats.

If you love to look and feel good, popular fashion magazine are a must. Subscribe for one of the top fashion magazines and enjoy the best of fashion all year round. You probably know about magazines like Vogue, Detail and GQ, which features the best collection of the latest news on fashion and beauty. You will also read about celebrity details, features and trendy tips, interviews, and everything that links you to the fashion and beauty world.

However, if you are tired of the usual popular fashion magazine and would like to look for something new, there are other types of fashion magazines you can enjoy. Fashion magazines also include magazines for the hair such as Hype Hair Magazine, focused exclusively on innovative hair styles for the African-American woman, as well as makeup tips and beauty products for women of color; American Salon magazine, with details on products and ideas in the salon industry. If you live in the south, high-end fashion and local events are featured in magazines like Gold Coast and Boca Life magazine.

There is also fashion magazines focused mainly on the fashionable, urban man. Magazines such as Detail provided detailed information on today's men fashion and features exciting articles ranging from music to politics, careers to sex, cars to movies.

There are several fashion magazines that you can choose from. Whatever your idea of fashion is, whatever aspect you would like to focus on, there is a fashion magazine you can find to suit your needs.

Men's Fashion - What's the Trend?

The fashion frame of mind of the males, although simplistic, can be harder to fathom than that of the females. Unlike the ladies who would go for what is the trend, what is on sale and what the hottest celebrity is wearing, men would prefer to go for what they like and what they think would suit them best.
Men are not so much dictated by the fashion trend that is hot on the news. They tend to be dictated by their own needs and by their own fashion perspective. This is why releasing a full line of clothing for men is much harder than the female counterpart. It all boils down to what is comfortable, as men would usually say.
But although comfort is the number one consideration for men's clothing fashion, men are taking a bold step towards expressing themselves fashion-wise. Fashion experts are combining aesthetic and form when it comes to men's clothing and fashion, adding a little design here and there or a speck of color in some areas. When before men would only go for black and white, they now have a variety of options of colored fabrics to choose from.

Today, men's clothing fashion is now saying that men should not be boxed in the mindset that they cannot experiment, that they cannot be "fashionable." Men's fashion today, have incorporated graphics, color and functionalities in its design, all the more attracting men to be more vocal about their design aesthetic.
Men's clothing fashion has switched from being generic to being individualistic. Men's clothes in fashion is deemed to be gearing towards simplicity combined with style. Although in subtle ways, men are now choosing to wear something that will make them standout from the crowd. Being that they would always like to be superior than everyone else, men are bringing this point of view into their clothes as well.
Men's clothing fashion is now very versatile and attractive. Now men's fashion brands are offering more options in order to attract and entice their buyers to experiment and create their own style. Before it is just plain shirts and jeans. Now, men can mix and match what they want to wear - a collared plaid shirt matched with acid-washed jeans or a graphic statement shirt matched with cargo pants. Men can now add color to their clothing. Men can now be given with a variety of options to choose from when it comes to men's clothes in fashion.
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Why Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Keeps Rolling Along in a Recession


Words like recession and economic slowdown spread jitters through the retail sector faster than wildfire. But if your specialty is fashion jewelry take a deep breath and consider yourself an exception. Sifting through retail history reveals the subtle reason for your privileged position.

Everything from manufacturing to understanding the human mind was churning in the 1920s. The industrial revolution was producing plentiful goods at more affordable prices and an Austrian psychiatrist, Sigmund Freud, was developing new theories on the workings of the mind including unconscious desires. A nephew of Freud in the US, Edward Bernays, had the brilliance to put both together in appealing to consumers' desires. Plentiful and affordable products accompanied with desire were replacing needs as the primary reason for buying.

While Bernays' theories as well as his uncle's are not 100% accepted today, these pioneers forged the trail of today's marketing. Subconscious desire replaces need as the motivation to buy. You see extremes flipping through a fashion magazine that sometimes reveals sultry advertising with few words that leaves many readers wondering what they are selling. Subconsciously it is sex appeal, but fashion jewelry doesn't need to wallow in this because unlike jeans that all look alike, it has an intrinsic beauty of its own. Fashion jewelry escapes from the cage of need and becomes the object of desire attracting approving glances with sheer art. Fashion jewelry is not beads and metal castings put together like a necessary tool, but the elements of an attractive image. Imagination and the surprise of beauty in new fashion jewelry designs create the perfect union

As the classic trend marches on, wholesale fashion jewelry today offers retailers a constant flow of breath-taking designs to hold their customers attention. The human spirit foresees satisfaction in acquiring a new item and fashion jewelry fills the desire with artistic designs that are very affordable and at the same time enhance the buyer's attractiveness. This combination makes fashion jewelry almost recession proof.

Some will scream, don't tell me that! My business has seen serious impact the last few months! To answer that, let's return to Edward Bernays. Bernays' theories not only founded modern PR, but also modern propaganda. Information can shape crowd instincts and effect outcomes. Step back as an impartial observer and look at the steady stream of bad news presented by the media. Such an unrelenting attack on the economy has appalled many players and reporters in the fashion industry. The steady diet of bad news is equivalent to a propaganda blitz to shut down buying.

So where do you find a ray of sunshine in this? Remember the Hunt brothers trying to corner the silver market in 1979? Certainly you will remember the tumble of oil prices in 2008. Both thrived on speculation and contrived supply and demand figures that didn't exist and both bubbles popped.

By the same token, fashion jewelry today has not fallen out of favor with consumers. Actually fashion jewelry trends are very much in your favor for brisk sales. Historical information shows that economic downturns have little effect on moderately priced fashion jewelry that normally sails through without a hiccup. Approaching needs of prom, pageant, and bridal jewelry will couple with desired jewelry to freshen up spring apparel and increase sales.

But don't wait for the certain return to normal of your fashion jewelry business. Take initiatives into your own hands using the research and theories of Edward Bernays. Build excitement, sell the sizzle, and give your customers the feel-good experience they came to you to get. Lift their spirits with new designs that will make them look fabulous. Let them experience stunning fashion jewelry gracing their necks and drawing attention to their wrists. Make shopping with you an unforgettable event!

Search Results


Since its early inception, Internet has always been proved itself as an effective medium to accomplish different day-to-day jobs in the smartest possible way and that too without wasting one's precious time and effort. In the current time, this innovative medium of merchandising has the capability to make businesses faster and simpler and in this regard fashion is not an exception.

The online medium now has come up with bulk of good news for the fashion designers, fashion companies and fashion boutiques, especially those who are eager to present their collections, brands, style and trends to the common mass of all over the world. Well, the good news is the 'virtual online closet.' Now several questions must be coming to your mind in this regard. Ok, let's discuss about this brand new conception of contemporary fashion.

As the name suggests, the virtual online closet is an online marketplace where both the fashion industry professionals and common fashion conscious people will be benefited in as perfect manner as they have always wanted. Over there the fashion designers can feature their new collection of clothes to millions of fashion enthusiasts. Not only that, they will be facilitated by getting an opportunity to sell their collections.

On the other hand, such virtual online place is the one-stop destination for all the fashion conscious people, who always want to stay updated in this aspect. Through such websites now they can mix and match their clothes and preview their looks with ease without having to pull everything out of their closets. All they need to do is, simply upload individual photos of all the items in their closets and then place them in any combination on their personal avatar. That's not all; the personal style advisers of these websites are always ready to help them to meet their style statements which they are looking for.

The virtual online closets offer you all the tools required to enhance your style and the aesthetic radiance of fashion. So, why wait? Get yourself registered with a virtual online closet today and start decorating yourself in the possible innovative ways.

Fashion Marketing - Fashion Stores Meet Niche Marketing, Pareto, and the Long Tail


Fashion Marketing news: A slew of studies, data, and articles seem to point out the growing success of niche sites, especially in the fashion industry. Hype or Fact? How can big online retailers and local fashion stores benefit from internet niches?

I like reading about pragmatic ideas to boost online sales of fashion goods, from apparel to accessories. I think that too much time is wasted in theorizing about internet marketing, and not acting about it.

Yet, I am going to talk about hard-core statisical studies and hype. Why?

Because I found in this month's INC. magazine an article about niche marketing that made me connect together a lot of issues facing local apparel stores as well as big online fashion retailers.

Make money online by not carrying best-sellers

First, the article titled "A world without bestsellers" dabbles with buying patterns specific to internet consumers.

These patterns make up the Long Tail. You may or you may not know about it. For a concise explanation, go the Long Tail page on Wikipedia. Let's just say that consumers can find and buy online products that a regular store could not carry. For instance, 40% of's book sales reportedly consist in unknown titles that your regular Barnes and Noble cannot afford to carry in the bookstore next door.

The same seem to apply to fashion goods. For instance, in the INC. article, Zappos' Tony Hsieh says that:

"Today the company sells more than three million products across 1,000 brands. The top 20 percent of products account for half of revenue, the bottom 80 percent, the other half."

So, at Zappos, the 20 best-selling items represent only 50% of the revenues. This is a far-cry from the usual 80/20 rule that usually applies offline, when the top 20 best-sellers make up 80% of the revenues. The 80/20 rule is drawn from the works of economist Pareto.

Online sales of fashion goods make Pareto Principle redundant

This is the gist of a February 2007 study called "Goodbye Pareto Principle, Hello Long Tail: The Effect of Search Costs on the Concentration of Product Sales." It was written by researchers at the Sloan School of Management at the MIT. Better, this study is based on "several years of sales data at a private-label women's clothing company that offered the same merchandise through its catalog and its Internet store."

Fashion goods are really at the forefront of this trend. Think about all the sites of the specialty sites that have sprung up, from sites selling discontinued lines of products to sites selling only to a sub-demographic. Buyers will turn to the web for hard-to-find glasses or for styles that regular retailers would deem too original to carry.

A company called Niche Retail is specialized in doing just that. The company says that they actually avoid carrying best-sellers, as big retailers can usually manage to kill the business by discounting the most sought-after items. By the way, Niche Retail's logo reprents the Long Tail graph.

Style is a personal matter. Fashion professionals did not wait for the Long Tail theory to launch niche product lines. But the internet does offer interesting further niche opportunities:

- established brands and big online retailers can find relevant niche sites for some of their product lines

- local fashion stores are indeed niches themselves; they can use the internet to get more exposure

Big brands and retailers going after niche consumers

This very site spends time presenting you new fashion blogs, new fashion sites, and new fashion communities (see Fashion 2.0). Because fashion can get very personal, it has always been a good conversation topic. Now, the internet allows you to become a fashion critique in a snap. Big fashion actors can go after these niche sites to get their attention.

For instance, niche TV channels are popping up on the internet, due to the low barrier of entry, as reported in this article of the Wall Street Journal. The newspaper gives the example of clothing chain Express sponsoring the Ford Models web tv. I would add the example of "Ask a Gay Man", the colorful and popular fashion critique show on YouTube (see my previous note on the subject), which has gotten founder William Sledd a TV deal with Bravo.

But you not have to be big to go after these niche sites. For instance, Ujeans, a made-to-order jeans company sponsors competitions on social network site StyleMob ("a new community for street fashion inspiration").

Local fashion stores are so niche

I see here a chance for local apparel stores as well: a niche can be geographic.

A local store owner may be the best person to know what senior citizens like wearing in the Boca Raton area. Why not put up a website, where you can share your expertise? When local people use Google to find information about clothes they like, they will find your website, enjoy your expertise, and visit your shop.

Marketers are encouraging local stores to go online and advertise. A book called Marketing your retail store in the internet age does a great job of giving pragmatic and inexpensive tips to local store owners. Meanwhile, Google is pushing local ads heavily. Its AdWords system allows you to display your ad only to people searching from your zip code. Moreover, Google Maps allows you to mention your store in the popular map system, so that when people search for "women's fashion, 97108", your store shows up.

No wonder that local advertising on the internet is booming. According to eMarketer, local online advertising spending in the US will reach $2.9 billion in 2007. Local search is great for a local fashion store or a geographical niche site. One of the best resources about the subject, with how-to-s and advice, is Clickz's Local Search column.

Fashion sales are booming online and online fashion marketing may be one of the hottest topics right now.

Celebrities and Their Influence on Fashion and Shoe Trends


In our society celebrities are enormously glorified as fashion divas and style icons by fashion magazines and tabloids. Fashion journalists and photographers go overboard in covering fashion trends that celebs are either following or setting, and not just on the red carpet but even when they're grocery shopping. In a way they project to people what trends they should be following while dressing up for an occasion and also in a subtle manner dictate to them how they can get a chic look when going out in the town. Youngsters and teenagers in particular come under the strong influence of the media projection of their favourite celebrity and start emulating them. This is how trends become fashions.

Celebrity shoe fashion

While accessories have always been there to add more zing to you semblance, these play a more significant role in the current fashion trends. Earlier accessories were merely used to dress up an outfit but nowadays it seems people choose their accessories first and then find a dress to match them. All credit for the change in perception can be awarded to the media that spends reams of paper in discussing the shoes, bags and jewelery worn by the celebs. Fashionable celebrities in their bid to become the talk of the press do not mind choosing the most jarring shoes as they are well aware their shoes will be noticed. In a way, celebrities make use of outrageous high heel shoes to help them to be noticed and remain in the buzz.

Shoe crazy celebs

Excessive media hype over bold, outrageous and seductive shoes has created a cult of celebrities known for their fetishes for high heels and extraordinary shoes. Some of the most shoe-worthy celebs reputed for their extreme craze for high heel shoes are -

-Victoria Beckham - Posh Spice, as she is better known, feels she is addicted to high heel shoes. "I just can't concentrate in flats" the Spice Girl said in an interview recently. Victoria is always in the news for her bold and innovative skyscraper heels designed by high profile shoe designers of the likes of Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik, and Jimmy Choo.

-Beyoncé - "I love those super-high shoes that are out at the moment. I'm addicted," the sensational singer and actress once exclaimed. Her high heel stiletto shoes and platform high heel shoes have created quite a stir in the shoe fashion world.

-Sarah Jessica Parker - Her shoe loving character Carrie Bradshaw in the TV series Sex and the City made Manolo Blahnik a household name. A fashionista with considerable influence in the fashion world, SJP herself is an active ambassador of designer high heel shoes. "My name is Sarah Jessica, and I own well over 100 pairs of Manolo Blahniks," she once claimed.

-Rihanna - The singer is known for wearing some very brave shoes. They are often the most expressive part of her ensemble that consists of designer outfits and expensive jewellery. The fashion icon is often seen wearing some of the kinkiest high heel shoes reaching up to her knees and thighs at times.

-Lady Gaga - This multi-talented burlesque singer makes sure her social antics are discussed in press by wearing risqué shoes. Her seductive thigh high shoes accompanied by a pant-less attire, seductive high heel stilettos, PVC knee-length boots etc ensure that the Lady creates quite a sensation wherever she goes.

-Paris Hilton - Socialite and fashion icon Paris Hilton is known to possess thousands of pairs of designer shoes. Her favourite shoe style is pointed stilettos, high heel pumps, knee high shoes, open-toe pumps and high heel platforms. Wildly passionate about shoes, Paris also runs a successful footwear line in her own name.

Should we follow celebrity shoe fashion?

The fickle world of fashion is all about following trends. Teens and 20-somethings are especially seen desperate to follow trends started by their favourite celebrity. In most cases however, non-celebs can't afford the designer shoes that celebrities so often flaunt, so they have to opt for cheaper imitations of the shoes that adorn the A-list celebrities of the likes of Madonna and Victoria Beckham.

According to style experts, it makes people feel proud that they are in the shoes (in terms of design of course) of their fashion idols. The strong desire to mirror celebrities at times makes youngsters copy even the most bizarre shoe styles sported by the them. Stylists warn people against following celebrity shoe designs blindly because rather than looking fashionable, young girls often end-up being ridiculed by their peers. Before selecting shoes always make sure they are practical, gels with you mood and attitude and you should be able to carry them effortlessly. If you wear excessively high heels so that you can not even walk a few steps un-aided you definitely need to reconsider your choice. Also you should not go about harming your feet just because your fave celebs always wear vertiginous high heel shoes. According to podiatrists, very high heel shoes should be reserved for special occasions and should not be worn for hours at a stretch.

How to follow celebrity fashion at less?

Well, like Carrie Bradshaw of the SATC you should not always max out your credit card to buy designer shoes. Many Online Shoes Sites offer you the option to buy sexy shoes similar to ones that adorn the feet of celebs at a highly affordable price. There classy and glamorous shoes are highly popular as they inexpensive and superlative in quality. Shop from there extensive collection of high heel shoes and they will deliver it right at your doorsteps in a safe and discreet packaging.

Trendy Maternity Fashion


Pregnancy is a fantastic journey, which so many women have embarked upon, and so many women are yet to do so. There is so much excitement surrounding pregnancy from the announcement you're first pregnant, to the first doctor's visit and hearing the baby's heartbeat for the first time, to finding out the sex of the baby and feeling her/him move for the first time, and finally, preparing to meet your beautiful bundle of joy! Unfortunately, not everything surrounding pregnancy is exciting for many, many women. Not a lot of women look forward to feeling nauseous, getting bigger and bigger (and for some) bigger, and, especially for those who are fashion conscious, giving up their wardrobe for frumpy maternity clothes. Luckily, maternity fashion has come a long way since the days of giant tent-like tops, stretch pants, and, the ever so famous, but not so fashionable, Mumu.

Trendy maternity fashion has become very popular in the last five years and continues to grow in popularity. Maternity fashion has even recently drawn such big-name designers as Heidi Klum, Isabella Oliver, Vera Wang, Donna Karen (DKNY), 7 For All Mankind, Liz Lange, and Ann Taylor, with many more designers announcing new maternity lines every season. Even Spanx has a line of maternity shape wear so moms-to-be can look their very best in the new world of ever-evolving, trendy maternity fashion.

In addition to popular designers, thousands of maternity boutiques have popped up on the fashion radar. Boutiques carry all of the latest trends in maternity fashion, including maternity dresses, jeans, tops, even swim wear, maternity skin care, and trendy hospital gowns. Maternity boutiques are credited with bringing maternity fashion trends to the masses including, highlighting the changing shape of mommies-to-be with bump-hugging shirts, jackets, dresses, and jeans! In addition, some moms are finally able to shun traditional floral prints in exchange for rockin' maternity leather jackets, hip maternity tee shirts, and smokin' over-the-knee boots.

Trendy maternity fashion has become so popular that even big chain stores like Gap, Old Navy, Target, and Kohls have picked up on the idea that maternity fashion is a huge industry that isn't going away any time soon. Trendy maternity fashion is even becoming iconic. You can't look at any celebrity news or fashion sight without seeing the latest pregnant celebrity flaunting her baby-bump in the newest and trendiest maternity fashion. These new avenues of obtaining trendy maternity clothing have pushed pregnancy, and looking fashionable while pregnant, into the spotlight.

Beautiful maternity clothing can lift any woman's spirit during a time of physical, emotional, and mental changes that can wreak havoc on a woman's sense of well being. Trendy maternity clothing can transform a time when many women feel unattractive and frumpy, to a time where pregnant women look fashionable, beautiful, and comfortable all throughout their pregnancies. We have definitely come a long way in the fashion industry to include women who are expecting babies, and there isn't a mom-to-be who isn't happy about the new opportunities to be stylish, trendy, attractive, and confident all throughout her pregnancy!

Fashion Trends Styles and Fashion Forecasters


Spotting the latest fashion trends can be hard or even impossible unless you know where to look. We all know how important it is to stay up to date with the latest so here are a few hidden gems from around the net to help you to do it.

WGSN styles itself as the world's leading fashion forecaster. If you want a taste of what is going to be hot next year this is definitely the site to visit. Covering everything from men's and womenswear to the latest fashions in home décor WGSN really does have everything you need to help you stay one step ahead of the crowd.

Drapers online

Drapersonline is a fantastic site that every fashion loving person should have bookmarked and memorised. It is full of the best fashion advice you will find anywhere on the net and a key guide to not only next seasons but next year's trends. You will find reports and pictures from all of the latest fashion shows and highlights from the catwalks of Milan, Paris and London. Each designer has their own guide to the upcoming year and high street fashion is not ignored either. You will find all of the latest fashion news and you can even sign up for a daily email from the site so you are always in the loop.


If you want to know what you should be wearing for fall 2012 a visit to is a must. In case you were wondering for ladies it is brocade, lots of leather and oversized coats. The fall 2012 style report is a must read for anyone who has the slightest interest in fashion and style. The trend reports and style notes section will give you a great idea of what to ear for the year to come and what you should be avoiding. There are fantastic sections on beauty and accessories as well as the latest news and reports from fashion shows all around the world. You can also get a daily look of the day inspired the fashionistas at Style sent to your inbox every day.

Fashion tastes

While taste and fashion is of course a highly personal thing you won't go far wrong by following the advice you find on any of these sites. They offer practical styling tips and help and are all great places to go for sniffing out the latest fashion trends.

Following The Girls Fashion Trends


Girls in their teens and in college are inundated with fashion from their friends and acquaintances. One can say they are immersed in fashion and have to be very fashion conscious to not appear out of touch and to decide what to wear every day.

Here is some advice to help those girls keep up to date with the latest fashion trends.

There are different styles that come out every year. Most designers release at least two collections per year, during fall and spring, while others release four collections - one for every new season. It is really tough being sharp on all those new things considering the different styles that are introduced with all those new collections. Besides, not all styles fit all people.

Even though you would love to wear a particular outfit that looked really good on the model on the runway, it might look pretty odd and out of place when you wear it. The first key to narrowing down your focus is to zoom in on those collections and styles that fit your particular height, weight, and personality type.

If you want to be on the safe side, select one of the classic styles. They rarely go out of fashion. However, girls don't always like wearing classic clothes so, how can they always be in fashion? A simple way to make girls fashion work for you is to choose from a collection that suits you best. For example, if a particular color suits your skin tone best, you can wear a top of that color with jeans or black pants, which don't have to be from the same collection.

Accessorizing is another clever way of keeping up with the latest girls fashion without even having to wear clothes from the latest trends. Work with your body's strong and weak point, and select accessories that will enhance your best features. Nobody is perfect. You need to hide your flaws and enhance your good features, just like those seemingly perfect models that grace the catwalks of the fashion world.

A belt, scarf, hair clips or shoes can make all the difference in looking like an out of touch cave dweller and a hip fashion-conscious urban girl.

Make sure that you know what works for you and then find the fashion news sources that cover new collections and styles that suit you specifically. That way you can always be up to date with the latest girl fashion without suffering from information overload.

Fashionable Fingers Are Wooed By BlackBerry


Thanks to their sleek design, superior cameras and express connection to those all important social networking sites and fashion blogs - the BlackBerry has become an indispensable tool for the novice or seasoned fashionista.

Despite the novelty of sending pictures of your new lust-have never losing its appeal, serious bloggers and industry insiders are now utilising the latest BlackBerry technology to stay on trend. From revealing what editors think of this season's collection, installing apps that track down designer handbags, to shooting your own creations - fashions focus may be what's on the outside, but they like their phones smart on the inside it seems.

Most of us take for granted that our mobiles now come with video recordings and powerful cameras as standard. The new BlackBerry Torch advances these standard accessories meaning its 5 mega pixel camera will capture a crystal clear photo of your latest vintage treasure, picking out minute detail and realistic tones that can be loaded straight onto your blog or Twitter page. The busy stylist can also be inspired by watching the latest collections using the phone's video player.

The introduction of phone apps is nothing new, and fashion apps are largely available on most smartphones. In keeping with their tradition of initiating rather than following trends, BlackBerry has run the inspirational London Fashion Week app for the past three seasons. The app feeds information to all the journalists on show times, details of individual show content plus any delays or changes. Thankfully it's not reserved for the industry professionals - anyone can use the app to have an insider's view at what's going on with regular news updates and highlights throughout the shows.

BlackBerry fashion apps have become essential tools of the trade for the industry big wigs and dedicated followers. If your day feels incomplete without the latest words of wisdom from Tavi, then Fashion News Service offers up to the minute news from, alternatively Trendtracker previews the latest runway looks, fashion news, trend ideas and coverage of the shows.

For the past two seasons BlackBerry has also worked with House of Holland on an app that lets you buy catwalk creations as they come off the runway, months ahead of the retail launch.

Get yourself logged into Twitter via your Curve and start following the fashion pack. Many fashion editors were novice Tweeters until just two seasons ago. Now they're not just tweeting but posting pictures live from the catwalks. Make sure you follow Karl, Carineand Anna from your phone to discover their favourites from Paris or Milan, and make the bus journey to work slightly more glamorous.

Not content with reading what others have to say about the latest must-have? Make your mark with a blog. WordPress - a tasty piece of software that enables you to create and design your own blog - has developed an app that allows you to update from your handset. Just sat through a fabulous fashion show and want the world to know about it? Take pictures with your phone, add some blurb and upload the lot via the app in a flash.

Whichever way you stay connected to the fast paced world of fashion, it seems that BlackBerry have all the latest features for the glitterati.

How FCUK Fashioned Advertising History


Advertisements can certainly trigger strong emotions. And when it comes to the world of fashion, its all about standing out from the crowd. Big fashion brands like FCUK tap into the idea of being more than just clothes, but an expression of lifestyle, an attitude. And as the acronym for French Connection blatantly states - you can't get more attitude then FCUK.

But can fashion ads go too far? Wearing brands like FCUK is all about tapping into certain aspirations. Recently the NME was criticised by the advertising watchdog after running an ad depicting a man holding a gun to another man's head. The ad ran across a double page spread in the music magazine, depicting the man holding his victim by the throat with a gun to his head. After receiving a complaint saying the image was irresponsible and offensive, the Advertising Standards Authority banned the ad for glamorising gun crime. The fashion brand behind the advert defended it saying it was not realistic, but that the pictures were cartoon-like. It said that it was aimed at an intelligent youth market that would realise it was a fictitious idea inspired by the idea of people confessing their "fashion crimes".

Certain brands are expected to be provocative and carry an edge - it's what makes them desirable in the first place. When FCUK launched its first campaign with the logo, it caused shockwaves amongst many who found the in-your-face acronym offensive and crude. Some felt the FCUK brand had a verbal aggression that was intimidating when worn by young people. The gun crime ad went a step further into physical violence and was ruled as "aggressive and threatening" as well as glamorising and condoning real violence.

Controversy however tends to be good news for fashion brands. When FCUK screened a TV ad featuring women kung-fu fighting and kissing, the ad promptly received 50 complaints. The protests in turn generated a wealth of debate and publicity in the press. Sex and violence it seems always sells. And the brand previously enjoyed huge success with the suggestive logo FCUK. French Connection prides itself on delivering 'fashion-forward' clothing through 'unique design and a true sense of style'.

Health News - Why Are Skinny Models Banned From Fashion Shows?


The fashion industry sets the trends not only for clothing and accessories but also for the way in which people and women, in particular, should look. The skinny models have been fashion icons since the early 1990's and this has had a major impact on girls and young women. The most recent health news is that such models have been banned from working in the fashion industry in Israel and many other countries are expected to follow. What has led to this?

From 2013, all models that have body mass index (BMI) below 18.5 will not be allowed to work in Israel. The health news websites reveal that the country's government has imposed this law as part of a more extensive campaign against eating disorders. This is the first country in the world which imposes such strict regulations.

The fashion industry has already made attempts to do so too. Skinny models are not allowed to appear at shows during the Madrid Fashion Week and the Milan Fashion Week. Influential organizations such as the Council of Fashion Designers of America and magazines like Vogue and Elle have also started campaigns for promoting "healthy bodies" in the fashion world.

The campaign against skinny models is gaining massive proportions around the world. It was started in the second half of the 2000's after the fashion news became filled with reports of models dying from anorexia. In addition, the health news revealed that the number of people suffering from anorexia and bulimia (the two most dangerous eating disorders) reached nearly 24 million in the US alone.

Anorexia and bulimia are eating disorders but they fall in the spectrum of mental disorders. The sufferers adopt unhealthy eating habits because they have an uncontrolled fear of gaining weight and because they see themselves as overweight no matter how thin they become. It has been determined that these eating disorders are a direct result of the psychological pressure exerted on young women to be thin. Since the fashion industry determines what is beautiful and what is not and skinny models rule the scene, it is natural for the pressure on women of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds to be huge.

It is thought that with the banning of skinny models from fashion show, there will be less pressure on women to be thin and they will be better stimulated to have a healthy weight and to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, many expects have commented in the health news that this measure may not have a large-scale effect. This is because there is still huge pressure exercised on models to be thin by different people in the industry. Furthermore, the stores are flooded with designer clothes of tiny sizes.

What can you do to stay healthy and fit? Pay more attention to the health news than to the fashion news.

Fashion - Why You Should Maintain Your Style


When you want to stay in touch with the modern style you will be facing many different challenges because the things that are in seem to change each and every day. However, you will want to maintain your fashion style to ensure that you stay within the trend that is present, but you will want to make sure that you keep up to date by reading the latest news on the Internet or even in the magazines.

Before you decide that you want to stay up with the latest trends you need to ensure that you have enough money to keep buying the clothes. By doing that you will know for certain that you can stay within the trend and not be left behind by the other people that do have more money to maintain the great looking trends.

One reason to maintain this sense is that you will quickly notice that you can start to look like the stars. Then you will have people looking at the clothing that you are wearing and know that you have a great taste in the clothing that you are wearing.

Another reason that you should keep this sense about you is because you will be able to know what is in and what is out. Then you will be able to ensure that you are in in the in crowd, but also that you can avoid being part of the out crowd that many people are trying to avoid. You will also be able to maintain the popularity that you have by being part of the in crowd.

Something else that you will want to realize is that this type of sense may help you find a new career. By keeping up you may notice that you will be able to help people choose a new style that is going to fit them and still be part of the in trend. So, you could see that helping them in this manner can be a great option that you can use as well.

Being able to maintain your fashion sense can be a great thing to do. However, you may want to know about the reasons why you should be part of this in crowd rather than being part of an outside group that doesn't have any type of sense on this matter at all. Then you can see just how rewarding it is to be part of the in crowd versus being judged as one of the outsiders.

Current Fashion Trends for You


Do you like to wear fashionable clothes? Are you a person that is always curious of the current fashion trends? Find out what the great designers have planned for you. So, do you want 2008 to be your year? Dress up according to the current fashion trends and you will get an advantage point that will help you in all your activities. First of all, as autumn and winter are coming, you have to be prepared for these seasons. Contrast is what matters in this season. You can choose to be feminine and wear dresses or be feminine in a more subtle way and wear some sexy trousers and sweater. All is allowed in the current fashion trends.

Fall and winter current fashion trends

Do you like the cold seasons? Hot tea and chocolate will make your day? Well, count the current fashion trends in for a mood booster, as the funny looking models and styles will also cheer you up a bit when you think you need more warmth. Knitted extra large sweaters will be a great hit in the current fashion trends. Actually, all that is knitted and hand made is very fashionable this fall and winter. So, ask your granny to knit you some funny large blouses and wear these with some classy and tight jeans. This will be a subtle combination, just perfect for a casual look which is attractive at the same time. If you go for dresses, they can be knitted as well and wearing them with some colorful boots will give you a trendy appearance. If you want a more official outfit, you can opt for suits in stripes or in black and white or uni. The suits of the fifties will be of great success, so adopt this style for you as well.

Hot colors for a cold season

For the fall and winter seasons, the colors that you wear must be as lively as possible. Even if grey seems to be the next great thing in colors for 2008, in the fall and winter you need to cheer up with some warm colors. Get red, orange or yellow and mix them with grey or brown. The sweaters that you wear should be in the most colorful combinations: the idea is to have a bit of color on you. The boots that you wear shouldn't be dull. Yellow or green are perfect for the current fashion trends. The accessories should be colorful as well, and they should be of large sizes. If you want to buy a bag, choose an extra large size and an unusual color.
All in all, if you have read these brief indicators you can consider yourself up to date with the current fashion trends. Apply the things that you have read and you will be able to enjoy the present season in full fashion.