What is fashion? Fashion is an art that is applied with various, different design or something that is a natural beauty that is applied to cloth. Nowadays, fashion are like trends and people usually come out with their own fashion. Certain people like to follow others fashion but some does not, just like the hip-hop fashion, elegant, rock star and so forth.
See the above fashion design, each girl is design with different type of materials and design. Look how this person could come up with different ideas for his design easily. For me i prefer the girl on the very left top side of the image. The fashion design for the dress is simple yet it look elegant. 

However, different people have different taste in style. For example, LADY GAGA!
Normal, usual and common are never the words that come to mind when trying to describe Lady Gaga's sense of fashion. She is well-known for her eccentric choice of crazy outfits. Look how weird a fashion design could be, but yet some people followed her style. For me it is quite amazing how the designer could come out with this kind of unique idea for her dress. 

It looks complicated and weird but yet it attracts peoples attention.
“You have to be unique, and different, and shine in your own way.”
Quoted by LADY GAGA herself. 
Whether or not you are a big fan of pop sensation Lady Gaga, you have likely noticed the elaborateface masks, theatrical headdresses and mysterious veils that represent an important element of Lady Gaga's attention-grabbing, traffic-stopping, eye-popping wardrobe...

There is another form of style that I like which is hip-hop fashion design. Hip-hop fashion are usually followed by the teenagers or it is widely famous in the west. Usually the rappers used this kind of fashion design.

Well, unfortunately, im not good at dressing up myself. :)) 


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