Mini Skinny Leather Wallet - A Fashion Bargain

The little mini wallets put out by Coach are fashionable, practical and popular! These cute little thin womens wallets are a key case, card holder and coin purse all in one. They are not expensive and many girls have a small collection of these affordable designer fashion accessories. They are also very abundant on eBay.

When one thinks of Coach, the Khaki Signature C's usually come to mind. That pattern is without a doubt the most popular, especially for those under 30. But what about the plain leather Mini Skinny? After all, that's what Coach is actually famous for. It was quality leather that the company foundation was built upon and the leather Mini Skinny's are a testament to that fine leather craftsmanship.

This is where the good news comes in for those looking for leather in a ladies multi purpose wallet. While everyone is scrambling for the Signature patterns on these Mini Skinny wallets, the leather ones are going unnoticed for a steal on eBay! These leather coin-key cases are the best bargain in designer fashion if you are shopping for this type of multi function, slim wallet!

While the high end department stores and even the Coach Factory Outlets offer some good deals on the leather Mini's, it's eBay that you will find the best bargains and the most selection. It seems that eBay shoppers are passing these beautiful leather Mini Skinny's right by in favor of the Signature ones. And that's great news for us leather lovers! If you like shopping on eBay and you apply a little diligence you can practically get 2 for 1 when it comes to the Coach leather Mini Skinny. And you don't have to wait for a sale. This is happening every day!


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