Fashion Logo Ideas and Tips - Because Good Fashion Is Simplicity and Distinctiveness

Good fashion is not complicated. On the contrary, it is the simplicity that makes it distinctive.

If you are trying to create your own brand mark for a fashion company, then simplicity is the first rule to remember.

Let the things around you inspire you. Use the simple shapes and images around you and mold them creatively until they represent you.

If you want to know more on how to create your style mark, then have a look at the fashion logo ideas and tips below and open yourself up to the immense creativity around you.

1. Use historical symbols and illustrations to give your design a classic touch:

What does Givenchy emblem consist of? It is the image of a dangerous mythical character medusa that represents fatal attraction.

Why is there a sheep hanging in the Brook's brother's symbol? It has been inspired by the historical myth of Jason and the Argonauts. Sheep also represents wool that is used to make clothes.

Historical and mythical illustrations are popular to depict style and trends as they add imagination and mystery to the monogram. Browse through history and see if you can find any famous symbols and designs that you can use.

2. Use your initials and place them creatively:

What is the easiest way to set your company apart from the crowd?

Use your name or initials in the business mark.

Have you seen the Calvin Klein, Chanel and Louis Vuitton emblems?

They're simply initials but are placed with such innovation that it makes them unique and exclusive. Use simple fonts for your initials and experiment with placing them creatively.

3. Combination of black and white is ever-green:

I bet you can count more than 10 famous designers on your fingers that have used black and white colors for their business mark.

Why is that?

It's because no matter what the color of the season is, black and white will always remain trendy. This combination portrays authority and innocence at the same time which adds to its appeal. So, if you're trying to create your own trademark, using black and white colors is mostly a safe bet.

4. Create your own style - Do not follow current trends as an inspiration for your brand mark:

The first rule for creating your own brand mark is not to follow any current styles. You are in the business of creating trends not following them. Do not use origami or 3 dimensional designs for your brand marks as that will fade away with time leaving your symbol to look like old news.

It's ironic but following fashion is never recommended for fashion logo designs.

5. Use colors wisely and sparingly:

If you need colors to support your monogram, then you probably didn't do the job right. For a trendy monogram, it is important that you do not use more than 3 colors and even that should be used sparingly.

Hence, follow these ideas and tips and let yourself be open to the creativity and inspiration around you.


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