Fashion Changes For Winter Season

I know a lot of people that love the Winter Season. Especially women if they are into the latest Winter Fashions. Spring and summer bring out the colors and show a lot of skin. But in the cold months of winter the options are unlimited and clothes can make a huge impact no matter what size or shape you may have.

Starting from the ground up, boots are always a popular item for the colder season. This year it looks like over the knee and thigh high boots in suede or leather will be the number one style. The good news is these types of footwear are much warmer and protect the legs against the cold. The bad news is they will be pricey since more material is used and most styles require the higher end materials.

Capes and cloaks are making a big come back from the major fashion designers. From light and short to full-length heavy material, all shapes and sizes will be offered. Capes are usually short, open in the front, and have no sleeves. Capes made a strong showing for fall and will continue to be popular through winter the months.

Cloaks are normally longer than capes, going down to mid calf or the ankles. From bold animal patterns to dark colors, they flow and wrap around with no sleeves or openings for the arms at all. From Gothic to Chic, the styles vary but with vintage looks from the 20's and the 30's.

Wraps and shawls will be popular too. Mostly for eveningwear and dressing up for a night out on the town. Wrapped around the shoulders and in materials from silk to fur. These are often chosen for style rather than warmth so they can be more of an accessory than a functional garment.

Leather has been strong in the past few years and will continue for this winter. Anything made out of leather from tops to slacks will be out in numbers. Rich colors and all styles of wear from traditional to chic will be popular. Anything from the casual leather jacket for the afternoon to the decorated rhinestone styles for the evening are available from most designers.

The Dandy look will come back strong. Fashions from the late 18th century with masculine looks with military styles and severe cuts will be in style. With British Regency Era overtones and high collars, ruffle and bow blouses, the Female Dandy look will be evident everywhere. Think of the 1700's style of high waistbands and tailored vests.

Colors tend to be dark in winter months but the exception this winter season will be in the chunky knits. Worn with casual jeans or pants, colors will be more vivid and texture will be important. Knit scarves, sweaters of course, and even full dress styles will be in evidence. Even with a little skin showing through on very loose and large open weave designs.

Ripped denim is making a big come back in 2009 straight from the grunge days of the 90's. Full-length jeans, shorts, and short waist jackets all are coming back with rips and tears. The trend seems to be more concerned with the revealing of skin than one of style. It's how you wear it not necessarily what you wear.

Speaking of ripped, stockings and tights are getting some rough treatment this year too. It will most likely continue into the winter months. This is another trend that comes from the grunge era and is seeing more of a come back along with the ripped denim.

Like it or not, these seem to be the styles and trends for this Winter Season. And that means most clothing stores from small chic boutiques to the large department stores will be selling these types of clothes. So unless you want to stick with last year's styles, you will be wearing this years trends.


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