Organic Fashion That Fits Your Lifestyle

Organic fashion is right in line with movement towards organic foods. With organic fashion the clothing is made of materials that are organically grown and produced. The idea behind this type of fashion is simply to be more environmentally friendly and to stop using fabrics that harm the environment or that could contain anything that could be detrimental to your health and well being.

The idea of wearing clothing made of natural fabrics is nothing new. Natural fabrics are often better than the alternative. For example bamboo is a natural material that is softer and more durable than cotton, which is a common material choice for clothing. Choosing to wear organic clothing may help you save money in the long run since this type of clothing usually outlasts other types of clothing.

It may seem off to wear bamboo clothing, but it really is not once you understand how the clothing is made. The outside of bamboo is hard and rough, but it is not what is used to make fashion pieces. It is the inside of the bamboo plant that is used.

Inside of bamboo are soft fibers that when processed can be used to make materials for clothing. The advancements within the clothing industry have made it possible to create bamboo fabrics that work just like any other type of fabric. As more designers start showing interest in organic fabrics, bamboo will become more widely used and bamboo pieces will be easier to find.

Bamboo is the best choice for organic fashion for many reasons. Besides the fact that it produces a soft and durable fabric, bamboo is also the perfect organic choice because it is very fast growing. Bamboo can grow one to four feet in just one day, so it is renewable. It is found in a variety of areas, too. Mainly the plant grows in China, but it also is found in Ecuador, Australia, India and Columbia. Bamboo also is a plant that can help to prevent soil erosion and improve soil quality. It does not require any type of fertilizer or pesticide to grow it either. It is an ideal organic plant.

Some people may wonder if using bamboo for organic fashion is going to hurt the Giant Panda. Bamboo is one of this creature's main foods sources, so it is only natural that some people would be concerned. The truth is that the varieties of bamboo used to make bamboo clothing are not the same varieties eaten by the panda. So, there is no worry that wearing that stylish bamboo outfit is going to make a panda starve.

Organic clothing is seeing a major surge in popularity thanks to all the focus on organic living these days. This is good news. It means designers will be experimenting with using bamboo materials and there is likely to be new fashion designs introduced. As bamboo becomes more popularly used by designers, it should not be difficult at all to find some amazing bamboo organic fashion.


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