What is advertising? Well as far as i know, since im an advertising student, advertising is a form or way to communicate and persuade the audience or customer about a certain product or item. The reason and feedback that the advertiser wants is to get a respond in way the audience or customer by the product that they promote or used the product. What they do in advertising is that, they promote their brand design, brand design, and they do this probably by repeating the same image, by doing videos for commercial, print ads and so forth. Now there is also online advertising, in way of flash banners and pop up which sometimes can be pretty annoying.

 There is various types of advertising such as TV ads, music ads, radio ads, billboard and so forth. Advertising a wide topic, and it can't be explain in one blog. :P It might take me for hours to finish discussing about advertising, but what people should understand is that advertising is way to let their product communicate with the audience and persuade them to purchase the product.


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