Cool-looking chairs

It’s amazing how people can think of such an idea to create things that are uniquely and creatively built. Below are some examples of coolest looking chair:
This chair was built by Peter Bristol and it known as a Cut chair, you might probably think this is a fake image but its not. It was said that this chair was built with the one solid leg is strongly attach to a steel plate beneath the carpet. See how creative his idea is. 

Known as an Embracing Mama chair that was made by Lithuanian. For me this arm is really amazing, in case when you needed a hug, you can sit on it and wrap the arm around it. It is said that the arm can warm you. I love looking at the vibrant color. 

Once in a while you find things especially designed for men and just for men. This is the case of this chair! I don't know any more details about this chair but it was probably made by somebody who got bored.. hahaha

Look how creatively and detailed they built the chairs. Wish I could have one of it. :)


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