FAILED Photoshopped ADs

Sure, celebrities are rich and famous, but their job is to look good. Thank God there's Photoshop to help them achieve perfection... or not. These are some examples of celebrity photoshop doing more harm than good. It's just so funny and such a failure because they did not recognize the mistake before they advertise it to the public.

Since when Jessica Alba has a tiny head? ahaha

What? who is holding that same 'evil twin' behind his back? lol

WEIRD....They're clearly hoping that Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sigourney Weaver are so beautiful that you won't notice the mangled fingers, giant catcher's mitt of a hand, or free-floating head.

Lady Gaga hides her handless stump of a tiny arm in her hair.

This just looks funny. One eye is missing, her forehead looks small and I don't know. It just doesn't look like the real her. hahah


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