Murphy's law in design

In my life, Ive always being prepared for any bad circumstances that always come in my way, but somehow there are things that i cant avoid and be prepared with, such as when i was in an accident, i was not prepared for it. It was like there was nothing i can do not to have the accident, when it happens it happens and i cant replace it with anything just like how when i am with my assignment, i still remember when i was printing my assignment at my sister's office, all of the sudden we where ran out of paper, and sadly tomorrow was the submission and it was around 3am in the morning. I freak out! Just like what Murphy said "When the printer goes out of ink and you are in a rush, you don’t have any cartridges to replace it." It happen to me, there was no paper to replace, so i what i had to do is i had to ran to the printing shop early in the morning, and the saddest thing was i didn't sleep all night i had to stay awake for the whole day. :(


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