Cool Hidden Doors!

Hidden doors are like the in the top of my wishlist. Imagine if i could have a hidden doors that leads to a secret passage in my house, it would be awesome! ) It would be much more awesome if the hidden doors were creatively made with its own uniqueness. Below are some of the unique hidden doors that i think is pretty awesome:

Based on the research being made, this was built to lead to a home theater. Its a hidden that was built with an LED screen that shows you if the movie has started or not. As you can see, the door is built like the old fashion ticket booth. How awesome it could be if i could have this kind of door in my house.

Look! a hidden door under the stairs. No one would even think of having a hidden door under a stairs.

Woahhh, a "Narnia-like Wardrobe Hidden Playroom"! How i wish i could have this in my house.


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