Some slimmest houses & buildings

Lacking space? Over populated country? Small areas? Smart design? Oh well, amazing architectures have come up with great epic ideas! It will totally blow your mind of to see how smart they could turn a small space area to houses and buildings. I was totally shock when I first saw it and it is really interesting for me. So I would love to share it.
Lets take some quick look:

This small house is located in Toronto. It is mentioned that it has a living room, kitchen, bedroom and even a small patio! Hmm, I wonder how many people can actually fit this house. But it is still a smart idea! 

Super small! I wonder what fits inside. Well, this is perhaps one of the thinnest building or home located in Amsterdam. Absolutely crazy! 

Look at this, beautiful modern small design house! Even though the space is not big but it looks very comfortable to live in. The design makes me feel really impress and inspired by it!  

Some other slimmest building in JAPAN! :

Yah, shocking yet very impressive right? I would love to enter one of this house or building especially the modern looking house. They are so creative to form this type of house and building. Even though the space is small, at least someone can still breath inside it :P hehehe..
Alright, thats it for this post :)


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