Creative doorbells

Doorbells? Well doorbells are a device that is place near the main door of your house.Is function by emitting a sound each time it is press, its like giving an alert to the person inside the house that someone is in front of their house. By doing some research i have found some very creatively built doorbells.

This is a type of doorbell that is for people who likes cute stuff. Well for those who hate frog, you are pretty unlucky, you might not get into the house. Furthermore look how detail they built this doorbell, it looks kind of similar to a real frog.

A doorbell that act like a little piano. Even though a doorbell does give out a good sound like a piano does. However, the visitor can play any type of tunes with this piano doorbell. Its amazing right? Visitor won't be bored even if they have to wait for hours.

The best and awesome doorbell i've ever seen. This is the right doorbell for a person that does not like to be disturbed. Wishing i could have one of this doorbell! It even look like a real dog butt. I guess the person who design this doorbell really don't want to be disturbed.  :)

We can choose any MP3 tone with this cool MP3 doorbell and it can store up to 300 songs. Awesome! We are also able to change the doorbell tone all the time to keep our visitors entertained. It comes with 2GB of storage, consists of a wireless doorbell and a wireless receiver unit! This is very a creative entertaining doorbell I have ever seen. 


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